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My name is Patrycja, and I’m delighted that you’re reading this! The best way to really get to know me is by following my Instagram, where I share snippets of both my everyday life and extraordinary moments. Through my posts, you’ll get a glimpse of who I am, my emotions, and my perspective on the world. Summing up my essence in just a few sentences is challenging, isn’t it?


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„I have been collaborating with Patrycja for a long time, so I wholeheartedly recommend I love her work, bordering on art, and I respect her incredible sensitivity and delicacy, which Patrycja can extract from everything, capturing all emotions in photographs. With a similar sensitivity to beauty, you will be delighted with the collaboration and its effects! 🤍”


I highly recommend Patrycja for a photo session, especially for couples who want to but may feel shy 😉 Patrycja can create an atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. It’s evident in the photos – they are not artificial; you can see genuine emotions ❤️

Daria P.

We wholeheartedly recommend Patrycja. No one can capture both exceptional and everyday moments in a photo like she can. Patrycja has created photographic memories with us during our wedding, pregnancy, and our son’s subsequent birthdays. Each time, we were very satisfied!


I started collaborating with Patrycja by chance, thanks to another photographer who highly recommended her, so I quickly decided. The meeting with Patrycja before the wedding was in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere (as if we already knew each other :D). The wedding photos, from the reception hall, and the preparations exceeded my expectations. It turned out wonderfully. The outdoor session is pure magic; it was short, but the photos are taken with such finesse, such magic, so subtle – I am delighted. Highly recommended 🌺


Patrycja is an exceptional photographic artist who has endowed us with her talent three times, each time bringing out the beauty even from the most hidden corners of our everyday life. She is not just an ordinary photographer; she is a true poet of images, enchanting with the unhurried dance of frames and the emotions captured within them. Each of her sessions is a unique story exuding calmness and tenderness. These photographic masterpieces not only dazzle but also soothe the soul, much like Patrycja herself with her sensitivity and unique talent.

Aśka B.

I did a photoshoot with Patrycja in Paris last year and I must say that everything’s went perfectly.She’s fun, empathic and brings such a sense of serenity that make you just feel at ease – therefore helping you get the best out of every shot.She brought me totally out of my comfort zone with her unique style and the result totally exceeded my expectations – I recommend 100%.Thanks Patrycja – keep up the great work & I hope to see you soon !

Terrien Loîc

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